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$50 Off service charge. Your trusted and respected Chicago ac service experts at Chatham comfort Controls heating and air conditioning offers affordable residential services that include 24/7 emergency repair, services, maintenance and replacements. we will take care of all your HVAC comfort needs in a efficient and professional manner. 100% financing available.

100% Financing Available... A+ Rated with the BBB!

* Family Owned & Operated
* Best Industry Satisfaction Guarantees
* Free Installation Estimates
* Over 15 years in business
* BBB A+ Rated Accredited HVAC Company
with Multiple Years Complaints Free Awards

*American Standard HVAC Contactor *Financing Available *Chicagoland's TRUSTED CHOICE for Heating & Air Conditioning Experts!

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Heating Companies Are Not Alike!

The 5 Things That Repairmen Do That Drive Everyone Crazy...
and How Chatham Comfort Controls Solves Them
What every homeowner should know before calling any Heating Company

VOICEMAIL  Or even worse, some contractors use an answering machine. That you have to wait and hope they will call you back. At Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning, our phones are staffed 24 hours a day so you can always talk to a live person.

WASTED TIME  Most servicemen won't give you a real appointment time. They say, "We'll be there between 10 and 4." So you have to waste a whole day waiting. Not any more! You get a precise "Appointment Window" when you call us. You don't waste a lot of time waiting.

TOO MANY TRIPS  Other servicemen can make 2 or 3 trips before they have the right parts to fix your problem. This costs you extra money and frustration. We stock our trucks with more than $15,000 in parts so we can fix the real problem the first time, saving you money. 

INVOICE  This is what happens when you are charged for "time & material" and the servicemen gets paid more the longer it takes. Only at Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning do you get Straight Forward Pricing. You know the exact amount before the work begins, so you can decide.

CALL BACKS  Other servicemen have a -Concrete Guarantee- ... When their trucks leave your concrete driveway, their guarantee expires! With us you have a I00% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will redo, the repair for Free.

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